Gord Bramfield

Excellent piece, Kim!

Allan Martin

Great work, Kim. Very insightful.

Ixby Wuff

You do research, dive into press releases instead of parroting them, cite your sources, monitor files and update your readers about them. You eschew paywalls and actively engage with your readers.

Ali Ibu

Just want to tell you today how much your writing and advocacy means and matters. I appreciate your witty and persuasive style. I appreciate the high quality of your research and commitment to truth. I’m grateful for you. Big thank you.

Mark Renaud

Please keep spreading light onto the darkness. Thank you for what you do.

Linda Sinkwich

Kim Siever is starting to be my go-to guy for his ability to turn piles of facts and statistics into clear-headed, concise analyses of important issues.

Tim McNeil

That’s some really good analysis!


Kim Siever is an incredibly intelligent, political voice that we need at the moment.


Kim, you have been so diligent and prolific. Information is important. Keep it up, and thank you!


Honestly, Kim, knowledge and awareness helps create solidarity and consensus. You’re an absolute beacon of hope in Alberta, and I thank you!