Cutting taxes is a ridiculous political strategy

It’s impossible to maintain service delivery if the cost of delivering that service and the number of people accessing it both increase, while also reducing tax revenue.

New poll: UCP beats NDP among seniors, part-time workers, and the poor

Plus, Kenney comes out as the least impressive leader.

UCP designate April as Genocide Remembrance, Condemnation and Prevention Month

But they refused to include the genocide of the Indigenous people within Canada.

UCP cut arts funding by over $10 million

The UCP recently announced that applications were open for Alberta Culture Days grant funding. But there’s something you should know about arts funding in Alberta.

Alberta gained over 20,000 part-time jobs in March 2021

Full-time jobs were up by 15,100, but we’re still short nearly 200,000 full-time jobs, compared to July 2019, when the UCP introduced their Job Creation Tax Cut.

My response to Erin O’Toole’s plan to “secure Canada’s future”

The federal Conservatives have released their preliminary campaign platform. Here’s what I think of it.

What Matt Wolf got wrong about ADHD and AISH

Last September, Jason Kenney’s executive director of issues management said some things about AISH that weren’t quite correct.

Taxes are payment for services rendered

They’re not payment for future services, and certainly not benevolent gives from corporations and the wealthy.

UCP remove film tax credit cap they created

The UCP recently changed the film & TV tax credit to remove a $10 million cap that they implemented just last year.

UCP to turn ecologically sensitive area into a park

Last week, the provincial government announced plans for a provincial park in Edmonton. The new 68-hectare (168-acre) Big Island Provincial Park will be built in the southwest region of the city. To kickstart the establishment of the park, the province has promised nearly $300,000 for planning and engagement: $189,000 of it will go to Enoch […]


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