Alberta’s 20 highest paid executives made over $200M in 2019

Most of them were in oil and gas.

Tyler Shandro appoints 6 new people to sit on healthcare college councils

This includes the colleges for dentistry, acupuncture, psychology, and pharmacy.

Robotic Soul

The bellows of the elephant had silenced the lamb’s bleats. The braying of the donkey had bounded all its feet. The shrieks of wing-ed beavers had stained its wooly coat With reds and blues of every hue, from tail and to its throat. The beasts stole mites from beggars and gave them to the rich. […]

The oil and gas industry is scamming Alberta

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers recently projected $24B in capital investments for 2021. And Sonya Savage is super excited.

Canada’s top 100 CEOs took a $1 million pay cut in 2019

Earlier this month, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released a report on CEO compensation in Canada. In it, David Macdonald, a senior economist with the CCPA, reviews the data behind compensation for CEOs for 2019 and predicts 2020 compensation—which hasn’t been released yet—based on company share performance. For example, he found that, in 2018, […]

UCP government borrowed $30B in debt in under 2 years

The UCP have borrowed nearly $18 billion a year, 20% more than the NDP borrowed.

What Kenney left out of his statement to Biden about Keystone XL

Joe Biden may be cancelling Keystone XL his first day in office. Jason Kenney is pleading for him to think of US national security and US jobs.

Alberta saw fewer physician registrations at end of 2020

Compared to the 3rd quarter of 2020, the year ended with 32 fewer physicians, the largest 4th quarter decrease in at least 5 years.

4 numbered blocks portraying the turning over from 2020 to 2021

A look back at Kim Siever News in 2020

Join me as a I review Kim Siever News’ first year of operations: traffic, top 10 stories, followers, and subscribers.

AHS announces layoffs for Calgary COVID-19 health workers

The layoffs will affect HSAA, UNA, and AUPE staff at two COVID-19 testing centres.


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