About me

I live in Lethbridge with my spouse and 5 of my 6 children. I run a marketing company, specializing in writing and social media management. I have a bachelor’s degree in drama and French. I grew up in Regina, but graduated from high school in Abbotsford. Started married life in Surrey, and we moved to Lethbridge in 1998.

I ran for a seat on city council in 2001. There were 6 mayoral candidates and 35 councillor candidates, the largest slate in Lethbridge’s history. I managed to garner just under 1,000 votes, despite being relatively unknown and having yet to have built out my social network.

My writing experience includes 3 years as editor-in-chief with Lethbridge News and 3 years as a political correspondent with Elect Lethbridge, both of which were citizen journalism projects. Since 2014, I’ve been part of the curation and live tweeting team at YQL Vote, a grassroots collective devoted to politics that affect Lethbridgians.

I’ve been a guest speaker at both the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College in management and social work classes, discussing entrepreneurship, communication, and building community.

For this website, I write daily news stories, focusing on municipal, provincial, and federal politics, specializing in investigative journalism and critical analysis. I also write regular editorials on general politics and social issues.