Ottawa to send over $25 million to Alberta for over 360 housing projects

Earlier this month, the federal government jointly announced funding with the Alberta government for 362 housing projects in 95 communities within Alberta.

These projects will repair and upgrade housing for seniors and low-income families. Calgary will receive just under $5.7 million in federal funding for 68 projects and Edmonton will receive $5.3 million for 33 projects.

The projects will be varied but will include such things as improving accessibility, rehabilitating exteriors, replacing plumbing, upgrading fire alarm systems, enhancing safety systems, and so on.

Federal funding is made possible through the COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. It will amount to about 80% of total project funding

The remaining 20% of funding will come from the Alberta government, which has earmarked $6.4 million for the projects, an average of just under $18,000 per project.

The provincial government claims the projects will support 180 jobs, or about 2 jobs per project.

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By Kim Siever

I live in Lethbridge with my spouse and 4 of our 6 children. I’m a writer, focusing on political news, social issues, and the occasional poem. My politics are radically left.

I’m also dichotomally Mormon. And I’m a functional vegetarian: I have a blog post about that somewhere around here. My pronouns are he/him, and I’m queer.

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