NDP beats UCP in 6 separate polls, steals voters from 4 parties

A poll released last week found the Alberta NDP once again leading in support against the UCP. This is the 6th one since November.

A poll released last week found the Alberta NDP once again leading in support against the UCP.

The poll was conducted during the first week of March by Common Ground, a team of researchers at the University of Alberta, through Léger Marketing’s online panel system.

Just over 800 persons participated in the poll, which asked, “If an Alberta provincial election was held today, which party would you vote for?”

Here’s how participants responded:

Alberta Party5.0%
Wildrose Independence4.0%

The NDP have led against the UCP in virtually every poll released in 2021, as well as one released in the autumn.

In November’s poll, Environics Research found that 38% of participants would choose the NDP , compared to 32% for the UCP. A December poll released by Research Co had the NDP at 43% and the UCP at 40% among decided voters.A Mainstreet poll from January reported a 40.5–25.9% spread.

The Common Ground poll report also claimed that an Angus Reid poll this month had the split at 41–38% and that a Léger poll this month had it at 40–20%.

Participants were also asked how Jason Kenney’s response to his colleagues travelling during Christmas affected their confidence in his ability to handle the pandemic.

Here’s h0w they responded:

Less confidentMore confident
NDP voters72%4%
WIP voters55%3%
UCP voters47%15%

The NDP had the highest retention—by far—of voters who chose their party in the 2019 election.

Alberta Party59%
The Freedom Conservative Party merged with WEXIT Alberta to become WIP since the 2019 election, so the above WIP data compares to FCP.

Not only that, but the NDP took the largest share of disgruntled voters from each of the 4 other parties.


Clearly, the NDP are seen as the most viable party to form the next government, across the spectrum.

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