Jason Kenney’s principal advisor claimed over $11,000 a month in travel costs

David Knight-Legg was under fire last year for racking up $45,000 in travel expenses over 4 months. That amount has increased to over $112,000.

David Knight-Legg, principal advisor, for Jason Kenney was under fire last year for racking up travel expenses. By early September 2019, he had already claimed $45,000 in airfare, accommodation, and meals, according to the Calgary Herald.

That amount has increased to over $112,000.

Between May 2019 and March 2020, Knight-Legg, who coincidentally is originally from Lethbridge, claimed $112,412.02 in meals, airfare, ground transportation, accommodations, and other costs. That’s $11,241.20 per month on average.

Over those 10 months—April and May 2020 expenses haven’t been submitted yet—he claimed $45,990.48 in accommodations, $39,333.61 in airfare, $11,628.92 in meals, $9,377.74 in ground transportation, $3,244.14 in mileage, $2,813.60 in other expenses, and $23.53 in “working session” expenses for something called the “Alberta Investment Strategy Discussion”.

Here’s how the costs break down per event since September:

DateEventHotelsAirfareMeals GroundMileageOtherTotal
1–4 SepLondon stakeholder meetings955.393,441.89442.14146.890.0043.955,030.26
5–7 SepCalgary stakeholder meetings0.000.0064.7031.93151.5022.05270.18
9 SepLondon stakeholder meetings1,614.251,,615.33
Alberta Investment Strategy Discussion0.
13–24 SepUS mission4,970.351,819.511,457.041,126.950.00161.159,535.00
25–28 SepCalgary meetings773.36327.73138.60385.110.00135.401,760.20
1–3 OctCalgary meetings437.84686.9692.30253.380.0014.701,485.18
9–15 OctToronto meetings837.611,668.76198.551,600.180.0068.254,373.35
20–28 OctEdmonton, Calgary stakeholder meetings1,375.29357.13247.25287.350.00271.952,538.97
31 Oct–4 NovMexico mission1,552.422,072.01474.1180.060.0058.604,237.20
6–7 NovStakeholder meetings0.000.000.0055.490.000.0055.49
11–14 NovCalgary stakeholder meetings589.41706.9197.05202.780.0022.051,618.00
17–25 NovCalgary, Houston stakeholder meetings3,218.472,984.06426.46350.810.0087.957,067.75
26 Nov–3 DecBusiness forum, Calgary meetings1,041.120.00293.20798.360.00141.452,274.13
5–12 DecToronto, Ottawa stakeholder meetings2,409.021,862.46332.40409.740.0051.455,065.07
13–19 DecLondon, Munich mission2,119.60710.161,068.61619.300.0087.904605.57
7–9 JanLondon meetings0.00999.55322.59107.080.0022.001,451.22
10–18 JanMontreal, Edmonton, Calgary meetings1,174.341,252.96318.75300.500.0058.803,105.35
23 JanEdmonton meeting0.000.000.0015.180.000.0015.18
28 Jan–16 FebBanff, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, DC meetings4,549.133,074.321,266.09555.96279.78226.459,951.73
22 FebCalgary meetings0.
1–16 MarEdmonton, Calgary, NYC, Toronto meetings3,843.682,202.49796.20591.11303.00117.357,853.83

Knight-Legg claimed on average $10,724.89 per month between September and March. The monthly average breaks down further to

  • Accommodations: $4,494.47
  • Airfare: $3,595.43
  • Meals: $1,148.01
  • Ground transportation: $1,131.17
  • Mileage: $126.54
  • Other: $230.71

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By Kim Siever

I live in Lethbridge with my spouse and 4 of our 6 children. I’m a writer, focusing on political news, social issues, and the occasional poem. My politics are radically left.

I’m also dichotomally Mormon. And I’m a functional vegetarian: I have a blog post about that somewhere around here. My pronouns are he/him, and I’m queer.

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