UCP appoints 3 new members to Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council

Last week, the Alberta lieutenant governor approved the appointments of 3 persons to the Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council. Two of them are connected to over $100,000 in political donations.

Last week, the Alberta lieutenant governor approved the appointments of 3 persons to the Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council.

  • Stanley Church
  • Patricia Henderson
  • Julie Stitt

Stanley Church is a partner with the Calgary-based Beaumont Church LLP. He also spent several decades as a cattle breeder and has been president of the Canadian Simmental Association and the Alberta Cattle Breeders Association, as well as a director of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. He was once vice-chair of the South Saskatchewan Regional Advisory council. Since 2005, Church has donated over $52,000.00 to political entities:

2005Foothills-Rockyview PC constituency$1,000.00
2008Ted Morton election campaign$1,000.00
2011Wildrose Party$2,300.00
2012Foothills-Rockyview PC constituency$1,000.00
2013Wildrose Party$1,000.00
2014Wildrose Party$1,000.00
2015Wildrose election campaign$7,000.00
2017PC Party$750.00
Alberta Advantage Fund (PAC)$5,000.00
United Conservative Party$2,300.00
Jason Kenney PC leadership campaign$4,250.00
Shaping Alberta’s Future (PAC)$20,000.00

There have also been several political donations made in the name of his spouse, Susan: $2,300.00 to the Wildrose in 2011, $1,000.00 to the Foothills-Rockyview PC constituency in 2012; $1,000.00 to the PC party in 2013; $850.00 to Kenney’s PC leadership campaign in 2017; and $4,000.00 to the UCP in 2019, as well as $4,000 to the UCP’s election campaign last year.

Through his own donations and those under his spouse’s name, Church is connected to over $65,000 in donations to the PC, Wildrose, and United Conservative parties.

Patricia Henderson owns a small cattle operation near Cochrane and is on the board of directors for the UFA. I could find no records of political donations for Henderson.

Julie Stitt is a freelance consultant in Airdrie specializing in animal health and food safety, but she spent a decade as executive director of the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency. Her spouse, Doug, was a veterinarian for over 30 years but has been a director with Nottingham Midstream since 2014. One of the directors—Gale Stitt—happens to share a last name with Doug. In fact, Doug’s middle name happens to be Gale. Since 2004, Doug’s co-director, Gale, and Gale’s spouse, Edith, have donated $44,700 to the PC, Wildrose, and United Conservative parties.

Board members are elgible for the following remuneration

  • $150 for each period up to and including 4 hours
  • $265 for each period 4–8 hours
  • $390 for each period over 8 hours

They’re also entitled to paid travelling and living expenses.

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By Kim Siever

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