A list of Alberta communities losing doctor care

According to the AMA, 400 clinics in Alberta are laying off support staff or considering closing. Here are some of them.

This article was updated 17 October 2020.

As part of their efforts to balance the budget in time for the next election year, especially after cutting corporate income taxes, the UCP government cut over $6 billion from health care funding.

As well, Tyler Shandro, the health minister, refused to negotiate with the Alberta Medical Association to develop a new contract with doctors in the province. Then he unilaterally cancelled their contract and all negotiations, forcing them to take significant wage cuts.

And now the AMA is suing the government.

However, not all doctors are responding to the disrespect with a lawsuit. Some are reducing the services they provide. Some are even leaving Alberta entirely.

According to the AMA, 400 clinics in Alberta are laying off support staff or considering closing. Here are some of them.


In Athabasca, 9 doctors have indicated that they’re withdrawing hospital services.

Bragg Creek

At least 1 doctor in Bragg Creek is closing her practice. She will be leaving the province, citing a lack of feeling valued and supported by the government.


In a letter to the health minister, 85 emergency room doctors in Calgary expressed concern about the effect clinic closures will have on demand in their ERs.

This doctor reported on Twitter that she was moving to BC to practice:

Kate Bisby, a family physician in Calgary, sent me the following message:

This Calgary-based psychiatrist is leaving Alberta:

A walk-in clinic in Calgary is losing a family doctor:

This family doctor closed his practice in June and is moving to Ontario in September. He specifically cites the environment created by the provincial government.

A doctor in Calgary has resigned from the South Health Campus in Calgary. He was working in obstetrics.

Two more family doctors have announced they’ve resigned and are leaving Alberta.

A family doctor in Calgary is leaving for BC (this physician maybe one of the two mentioned in the entry immediately above this one):

Another family doctor in Calgary announced she’s leaving Alberta, and specifically mentioned the government’s actions as the reason why:

A doctor in the Glenbrook Medical Clinic in Calgary is shutting down his family medicine practice with over 1,400 patients, citing the UCP government as the cause.


A doctor in Canmore announced that she was relocating her medical practice to Calgary. She claimed fee cuts could run as high as 40% for some doctors in Alberta, which made it hard for her to manage her high overhead and deal with recruitment challenges.


A doctor in Chestermere is closing her practice October 2020.


A family doctor in Claresholm gave notice in May that she’d be closing her practice in July, citing bot recent government cuts and family commitments for her decision.


One clinic in Cochrane is closing down. At least one doctor from that clinic may be leaving the province, and the others will work out of other clinics in the short term.

Cold Lake

Three doctors in Cold Lake will be leaving Alberta by the end of 2020.


The only medical office in Crossfield will close its doors on 1 September 2020. They cited budget cuts as the reason.

Crowsnest Pass

Crowsnest Pass apparently lost 4 doctors.

Drayton Valley

A family doctor in Drayton Valley will be closing his practice in December 2020 and moving to BC.


A surgeon and his colleagues in Edmonton will be shutting down the clinic they run at Grey Nuns Community Hospital.

A paediatric clinic in Edmonton claims that newly introduced patient caps means that they will need to send some patients to the emergency room—instead of the clinic—for service.

A doctor at an Edmonton clinic is closing her practice and leaving Alberta. Another Edmonton doctor is retiring early.

A family doctor in Edmonton moved to the Yukon.

Two anesthetists and two doctors in Edmonton are moving to BC in 2021.

Two specialists who work at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton are taking a paycut to move to BC.

4 more specialists are leaving Royal Alexandria Hospital for BC:

A family doctor at the Southside primary Care Network is retiring.

Fort McMurray

A family physician in Fort McMurray is reviewing recruitment materials from other provinces. Another announced that she’s closing her practice.

Grande Prairie

A family physician in Grande Prairie says she’s leaving Alberta after 31 August.

Heritage Pointe

A family doctor closed her practice in Heritage Pointe on 15 July.

Lac La Biche

In Lac La Biche, 10 of the 11 doctors there filed a letter of resignation with provincial and local healthcare officials saying that they wouldn’t be practicing at the local hospital after 31 July 2020. One of the doctors is the hospital’s chief of staff and managing doctor. They cited government funding changes as the cause for their resignation, saying that the cuts amount to eliminating a third of their salary.


A rural family practice in Lacombe laid off 13 employees, citing government cuts to health care. This clinic had a partner resign, and lost two locums who were going to fill in for sabbaticals next year. The locums, recent Alberta residency grads, have decided to move to BC instead.


A doctor in Leduc is shutting down his family medicine clinic and opening a geriatrics practice, citing the provincial government as the reason.


In a letter to the health minister, 22 emergency room doctors in Lethbridge expressed concern about the effect clinic closures will have on demand in their ERs. After-hours walk-in clinics in Lethbridge have closed.

In another letter to the health minister, 4 palliative care physicians in Lethbridge wrote that recent cuts will hinder their ability to travel to rural communities and will limit home visits.

Medicine Hat

A maternity clinic may lose some of their 10 physicians. They cite fee changes as the reason they’re considering not practising at this clinic anymore.

In a letter to the health minister, 22 emergency room doctors in Medicine Hat expressed concern about the effect clinic closures will have on demand in their ERs.

In another letter to the health minister, 8 palliative care physicians in Medicine Hat wrote that recent cuts will hinder their ability to travel to rural communities and will limit home visits.


A family physician left Okotoks, citing unsustainable overhead costs . Two others are considering leaving Alberta.

An oby/gyn in Okotoks is resigning 1 December 2020 and moving to BC..

Peace River

A clinic in Peace River has stopped providing family medicine. The other clinic in the town has a waiting list of over 800 patients.

Pincher Creek

The Associate Clinic in Pincher Creek announced that 9 doctors there were discontinuing hospital-based services as of July.


A doctor at the Battle River Medical Clinic in Ponoka announced yesterday that she’s leaving her practice at the end of June. She didn’t cite the recent cuts as the reason for her leaving—saying that “an opportunity came up to do this training and the timing felt right”—however, she was one of hundreds of doctors last month who signed a letter asking for Jason Kenney to reverse funding cuts.

A second doctor announced that he’s shutting down his practice to move out of province.

Another family doctor at Battle River Medical Clinic announced he’s closing his practice December 2020.

A doctor who was going to move to Ponoka from the US changed his mind, specifically blaming the UCP.

Red Deer

A Red Deer doctor is leaving his practice to work in British Columbia. He also cited the provincial cuts.

A Red Deer surgeon is moving to British Columbia.


In Rimbey, 2 of the 6 doctors there announced that they plan to leave the province once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. One of the doctors said the last straw was the cuts to after-hours hospital fees. Previously, he was paid $38.03 for each of the 20–30 patients he saw during a 24-hour shift. That works out to about $31.69 an hour. The new fees are $31 per patient, which works out to about $25.83 an hour. He also cites reduction in insurance reimbursements as a reason for leaving, which used to cover most of the more than $8,000 he had to pay annually. The other doctor, who was trying to build up her clinic into a full scope rural practice, cited the changes to the complex modifier, which allowed doctors to spend more time with patients in an effort to adequately address their health challenges, particularly if they had multiple issues concurrently. Three other Rimbey doctors are considering leaving.

Rocky Mountain House

Rocky Medical Clinic will require patients with multiple issues to come in for multiple appointments, due to changes to complex patient changes. This clinic is short 4 family physicians, but that number will increase to 6 by the end of the year due to retirements; one of those retirements is a direct response to the government budget cuts.

As well, 7 physicians at Rocky Medical Clinic have given their notice to Alberta Health Services that after 90 days, they will no longer be working at the hospital.

Sherwood Park

A family physician in Sherwood Park announced that he’s closing his practice March 2021.

Another family doctor is leaving Sherwood Park in March 2020. In fact, he’s leaving Alberta.

St. Paul

Some doctors in St. Paul plan to pull out of emergency room service, and some clinics will close.

In September, 4 doctors resigned; however they claimed this resignation was specifically because of Alberta Health Services, and not about the UCP government, even though AHS is funded by the government and overseen by the government’s ministry of health.


Stettler saw 7 physicians there, who work at two clinics in town—Stettler Medical Clinic and Heartland Medical Clinic—say that because of the government cuts, they could no longer afford to practice in the emergency room at the local hospital. There are only 10 physicians in the town.

Stony Plain

A family doctor in Stony Plain left Alberta to practice in the Yukon. She also practiced in Spruce Grove.

Spruce Grove

A family doctor in Spruce Grove will be retiring at the end of August 2020.

St. Paul

Four doctors resigned in St. Paul.


Because of the changes to insurance I covered above, none of the physicians practicing in Sundre are insured for obstetrical services at Sundre Hospital. A family medicine resident from the University of Alberta, who was supposed to train in Sundre has to look for other options because of the closure of services.

Eight doctors at the Moose & Squirrel Medical Clinic in Sundre cancelled not only obstetrical services but also acute care and emergency department services at the Sundre hospital.

Eight additional doctors at Sundre Hospital and Care Centre have resigned.

Three Hills

A family doctor at the Kneehill Medical Clinic in Three Hills is closing his practice at the end of June.


At least one doctor in Wainwright is shutting down their practice, also citing government actions as their rationale.


Several doctors has withdrawn his privileges from the Westlock Hospital and went on to imply that they might be leaving Alberta, as well.


Someone reached out to me in a Twitter DM that they’re doctor in Whitecourt recently left his practice there. According to my source, the doctor cited actions of the UCP government for his decision to leave his practice.

In addition to all the vacancies these closings will create, for the first time in Alberta’s history, it has over 20 residency positions open.

Finally, the Edmonton Zone Medical Staff Association tweeted out a press release yesterday, saying that out of 300 rural doctors recently surveyed, 47% said that they’ve “been forced to decrease their hospital-based services by July”, with more indicating they’d likely need to do so beyond July.

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11 replies on “A list of Alberta communities losing doctor care”

As a senior in Alberta, this news of all the changes and doctors leaving the province is very disconcerting, to say the least!

Tyler Shandro and Jason Kenny do you see what you’re doing to our medical system!! Its hard enough yo get doctors to work in small towns in Alberta!! Communities have spent enormous amounts of time and money to encourage doctors to move to Alberta! Now with COVID-19 doctors and nurses are exhausted and you’re expecting them to work for less!! Its time—past time to back peddle and get to the table and get an agreement!! Your pre-election slogan was for “Alberta Strong snd Free”. You’re failing terribly! Especially in the “Free” ! You’ve acted like a bloody dictator since coming into power! Treating doctors this way is NOT right!!

Why none of the UCP supporters who voted Kenney IN (60% of Ab) because he was going to ‘Make Alberta Great Again’… are surprised , is totally beyond me. WTH did you expect? Furthermore, there HAS always been PHARMACISTS fully qualified to prescribe, send patients for xrays and blood work, and oversee our heath needs IF they choose, and ARE more than able and qualified to do so!!! This was made public some yrs ago to take some of the less urgent medical needs off Drs to leave more emergent issues the attention they need. It is also known that Ab has the highest paid doctors in this country. So leaving is sure not going to gain more financial stability, they will be facing lower pays and benefits no matter where they go in Canada. I I am appalled that those so fervent to have Kenney elected, have failed to stand up or have spoken out as much (about how he has totally failed and made kangaroo court out of Ab) as they had no problem defending, when Rachel Notley at least had this province progressing in all areas… (maybe not as quickly as you all wanted, but she had to fix 45 yrs of PCbs), not only for the oil and gas sector. Sometimes, you get what you ask for. Sometimes its a windfall… in this case, its a “screw all”. Not surprised. BUT if you ARE worried about your basic needs, try going to your pharmacy to ask ‘what essential health care and attention’ they ARE able and willing to provide. So you are not left hanging, and are able to keep your own health in check, fighting to get in to any of those overpaid doctors, or not. The best ‘doctor’ i have ever had- who was more than qualified, very approachable, knowledgeable, and always available for concerns… WAS a Pharmacist/Apothecary😐 and to this day, were she still practicing, i would drive across the province to see her. If you dont do anything it cant improve. Petition Ab Health. Make noise and make necessities the focal point of existence for Ab. Or sit by, silently, shaking your head, with no grasp if what is going to become of our health and wellbeing. It is STILL a democratic country…. unless everyone has just forgotten that, or got too complacent to fight for. They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Start making more noise…. NOW… before its too late. There is a few yrs left to go… dont you see where Ab is headed? Not the fighting Ab i grew up in. The pathetic one i left… for obvious reasons. So disappointed. But not surprised- Kenney was elected as the ‘savior’ opposed to NDP? Maybe all of those whose ‘only care’ was what Kenney was platforming for.(saying what they wanted to hear?!?! He hasnt followed any of his platform for sure😠).. should go back and actually research the difference between NDP ACTIONS and policy( equal attention to every sector, and all concerning) and UPC HISTORY (only care for the corp., friends in high places, and creating a greater divide between classes… them high and everyone else low- 45 yrs prior. And obviously an add-on four yrs now🧐) A little late but better late than never……

If Kinney n Shandro would take a pay decrease it would help our doctors. Respect our doctors . At election time Kinney n Shandro will be thrown out with the baby water

Election time is too far off. We cant afford to wait that long.Kenney and Shandro have to go NOW!!!

Scary situation created by an Autocratic government for their own purpose which I feel is to break Medicare and bring in for profit health care.

Helpful reference list, but need to include the denominator to go with the numerator to get a better sense of scale and more effectively rebut those who would dismiss this as within the range of normal turnover.

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