Heavenly Mother


  1. Wisdom in each heartbeat pulsing through my veins
  2. Mending every sorrow, comforting each pain.
  3. Wisdom in each blood drop healed by Mother’s kiss,
  4. Or her tear, or stroking, or her embraced bliss
  5. Wisdom in each longing reaching from my chest,
  6. Passing through the vastness, to her ear to rest.
  7. Wisdom in each flushing—flustered, nervous, shy—
  8. Hand upon my shoulder tells me she is nigh.

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By Kim Siever

I live in Lethbridge with my spouse and 4 of our 6 children. I’m a writer, focusing on political news, social issues, and the occasional poem. My politics are radically left.

I’m also dichotomally Mormon. And I’m a functional vegetarian: I have a blog post about that somewhere around here. My pronouns are he/him, and I’m queer.

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