Faith crisis poetry


  1. Implicitly, complicit he perpetuates toxicity;
  2. He balks the talk while talks the talk because for him, talk is the tea.
  3. The fingernail a wrist impales while signs inhale and oaths exhale,
  4. “Or shall it be morality,” he asks as he tears at the veil.
  5. He treats his keys like vile disease, dismantling, yet still appease.
  6. He’s channelling a balancing between the charge and the reprise.
  7. Does he suppose that to oppose or, too, expose what no one knows
  8. Will bring him rest from this protest, at last be blessed with a repose?
  9. Yet clinging on, the singing gone, he still can hear the ringing yon,
  10. So fighting will and writing still, a dwindling hope still bringing dawn.
  11. Two worlds collide, the soul divide. To merge? To purge? It‘s all untried.
  12. Abandon one? Demandin’ one? One thing’s for sure. They will collide.

By Kim Siever

I live in Lethbridge with my spouse and 4 of our 6 children. I’m a writer, focusing on political news, social issues, and the occasional poem. My politics are radically left.

I’m also dichotomally Mormon. And I’m a functional vegetarian: I have a blog post about that somewhere around here. My pronouns are he/him, and I’m queer.

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