How to share an iTunes library on separate hard drive

Ever since my wife received her iPod Shuffle this week, I have been trying to find a way for each of us to access the same music files in iTunes. We store all our music files on a separate hard drive, and until this week, I was the only iTunes user.
We us Windows XP, and we have separate user accounts. Since it took forever for me to find a solution, I thought I’d post it here. It’s actually pretty simple.
1. Open iTunes on my login
2. Export my library to a Library.xml file
3. Close iTunes
4. Open iTunes on her login
5. Go to Edit > Preferences
6. Go to the Advanced tab
7. Click on the Change button
8. Edit the location to music drive (e.g. F:iTunesiTunes Music)
9. Press the OK button
10. Go to File>Import
11. Browse to and select the Library.xml file
All done. 🙂

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By Kim Siever

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