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Firefox New Tab Shortcut

I discovered a new shortcut in Firefox 1.5 today. In the previous version of Firefox, I used the SuperDragAndGo extension to open links in new tabs. It turns out that in Firefox 1.5, you can drag a link onto the tab toolbar and a new link will open automatically. I love it when Firefox integrates functionality from my favourite extensions (like miniT).
On a related note, dragging selected text into the search box in the Google toolbar will automatically bring up a Google search page for the selected text.

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My thanks to both of the comments I’ve been trying to find out how to open links in a new tab without having to do Ctrl+T then Drag’N’Drop the link or having to right click it. I was hoping for a keyboard shortcut but this works just as quickly so thank you again. I realize this blog is old but you should put this information somewhere for people like me xD ttyl and remember smoke em if you got em.

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