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Nigerian Scams

We’ve all seen them, or at least heard of them. Nigerian scams. The ones where they promise you a share of a multimillion dollar reward, but reality only want to kidnap you, hold you for ransom and maybe kill you.
Anyhow, I created a new webpage to document my interaction with such scam artists. At this point, I have only interacted with one, Mumba Tama from Ghana.
Read it and enjoy. (It’s long).

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By Kim Siever

I live in Lethbridge with my spouse and 4 of our 6 children. I’m a writer, focusing on political news, social issues, and the occasional poem. My politics are radically left.

I’m also dichotomally Mormon. And I’m a functional vegetarian: I have a blog post about that somewhere around here. My pronouns are he/him, and I’m queer.

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