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Apparently, Google release a service called Google Video in January. Users can enter a search term and Google Video will return video stills from TV shows where the search term occurred. Click on the TV show and you will receive excerpts from the show’s transcript and timestamps for all the times the search term occurred during that show. As well, Google offers a link to all the upcoming air times for the show in a specific zip code, which the user can edit.
Now, they appear to want to expand into personal videos.

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By Kim Siever

I live in Lethbridge with my spouse and 4 of our 6 children. I’m a writer, focusing on political news, social issues, and the occasional poem. My politics are radically left.

I’m also dichotomally Mormon. And I’m a functional vegetarian: I have a blog post about that somewhere around here. My pronouns are he/him, and I’m queer.

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