New iMac and Windows XP

Last week was like Christmas in my office. I received an iMac and Windows XP.

Last week was like Christmas in my office. I received an iMac and Windows XP.
For those who might be thinking, “How did he get XP on an iMac”, I am talking about two different machines.
The Faculty of Management bought a bunch of IBMs this year and I received one of them. They came with windows XP. I have been waiting for awhile to be able to use this OS and I am very impressed.
For my double pleasure it also came with Office 2003. There are not too many changes in most of the Office suite apps; although I do like the new Reading View in Microsoft Word. The most impressive changes were in Outlook. The Reading Pane and the collapsible menus are a hit with me. I only wish I can make my IMAP folder the default inbox. That would make my job a lot easier.
A member of our faculty, for whatever reason, decided to bring back his iMac. Since it is still fairly new, our department didn’t want to get rid of it. At the same time they didn’t want to have to provide support for a single Mac. It was decided that I would get it and I could take care of myself.
It was set up on Friday, and I am pretty stoked about it. Despite what Jon thinks, it’s not because I have converted to a Mac. It is because I get to test my sites on more platform/browser combinations. As well, it allows me to keep my Mac skills up to date.
A pleasant week as far as technology gifts go.

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